Leveraging Web Meetings For Insurance Agents And Brokers

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April 19th, 2016


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In 2009 I wrote a blog about integrating web meetings into the insurance agency and broker sales process. Now that seven years have passed, are commercial agents now embracing this more efficient meeting solution into their sales and marketing methodology? Have traditional con calls been surpassed with the improved opportunity offered by web meetings? Or has it been business as usual, with agents seeking in-person meetings, with a simple phone call prior?

There are many reasons why a web meeting offers an upgrade above and beyond a simple phone call.

1. Lost travel time going
2. Lost waiting time
3. Automobile costs (not just gas – add wear and tear)
4. Parking and tolls when applicable
5. Lost travel time returning
6. Lost time to transition back to productivity after return

Web meetings can be used in place of introductory phone calls, or for follow-up meetings. Though they may not be a replacement for all meetings, they are a great augmentation for the producers’ sales process. With more and more millennials buying insurance, it’s time for agencies and brokers to embrace web meetings as part of their sales process. The millennials are a digital generation, and many are now in their 30’s, running the show and making decisions about their insurance, and their company’s insurance. For more information on insurance web marketing and lead generation, contact the StartUpSelling insurance web marketing team at (518) 222-6392.

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