Lead Gen Statistics for Owner Operators and Fleets

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January 15th, 2024


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Mandatory coverage. Prospect lists with X-dates. Trucking insurance provides great opportunities for producers to work in-profile leads. Larger fleets tend to schedule appointments, while owner operators and smaller fleets often prefer live transfers.

A three-truck operation is likely to speak with an agent immediately, while a 25-truck fleet operator will want to book an appointment, providing time to have their equipment and driver list available for the discussion. How are your leads shaping up in 2024? Are your producers ready to handle more?

Power Units

35 Appointments
(per month)

Power Units

22 Appointments
(per month)

Power Units

15 Appointments
(per month)

Larger fleets offer greater commissions but take more time to close. Smaller accounts result in more leads and faster closing cycles, but smaller commissions. Both small and large fleets can offer a compelling ROI.

There’s significant elasticity in the metrics relating to profile, appointment activity, close cycle, and ROI. Regardless of the target profile, we know how to add targeted leads into your producer pipeline.

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