Keyword Density And Insurance Agency SEO

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June 17th, 2011


Keyword density, simply stated, is the number of times a keyword appears on your web page divided by the number of total words on the page. For example, let’s say your keyword is insurance and it appears 5 times on a page that has 100 words. Your keyword density for insurance is 5%. The formula expressed here might look like this: K/TW*100 = Density where K is the keyword and TW is the total words on your web page, or in our example 5/100*100=5%. The formula is modified for long tail keywords by factoring in the number of keywords used in the long tail phrase.

Targeting keywords applicable to your prospect target market, doing so in a natural language syntax and focusing on a specific  long tail keyword phrase (keywords of 3-5 words used in a phrase like California Business Insurance) for each page on your insurance agency website is advisable. Insurance agency SEO is in great part an exercise in mathematics, particularly for on page refinements. If your agency is seeking to improve your rankings, start with your on page efforts: Keyword effectiveness index (which keywords offer the best likelihood for improved search results), page title, meta tags, header tags and keyword density. Though there are still many other factors to consider, this is still a good start for agencies seeking to improve their organic search results. To determine your KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) you can use a free tool like Google AdWords, or purchase a more sophisticated solution.

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