Jack Russel Terrier Likes Insurance Marketing The Old Fashioned Way

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September 6th, 2015


Jack Russel Terrier Likes Old  School MarketingOn a recent walk with my really cute but amazingly stubborn Jack Russell Terrier, I discovered that she is an old school marketer. As we came upon some mail boxes, she quickly spotted that some phone books had been dropped off in plastic bags. Let’s face facts, this marketing is really turning back the clock, as printed Yellow Page type publications have been supplanted by something “newer” called the Internet.

Imagine my surprise to find that my dog Belle, favorite pet of a true digital marketing believer, strongly preferred these old fashioned Yellow Pages. In fact, you can see her in this photo, carefully deciding how to select her favorite phone book and mark it as her very own. However, with great effort, I was able to convince her to wait until a later date, no easy task when it comes to a Terrier.

Two key points:

1. For those dog lovers who have a keen eye, they might notice that Belle is actually a Parson Russell Terrier, which were split off some years ago from the Jack Russell breed and are now considered a breed of their own.

2. If your agency is still marketing the old fashioned way, paper snail mailings, Yellow Page ads, or using a website that’s 5 years or older, please contact the digital insurance marketing experts at StartUpSelling, at (518) 222-6392.

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