Is Your Insurance Agency Marketing Stuck in 1985?

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August 31st, 2015


Insurance Web Marketing
Insurance Web Marketing

You remember the ‘80’s, the world of big hair, parachute pants and boom boxes.  Since insurance agents and brokers have undoubtedly moved past boom boxes, why do so many approach insurance marketing like they did in the 1980’s?

1985 Marketing Tactics

Back in 1985, your agency may have advertised in the Yellow Pages. Your producers may might have made calls door-to-door, dropping off brochures and canvassing downtown businesses. You may have used postal mail, sending out paper brochures, post cards and direct mail. The post office was booming back then because snail mail and telephone were the main forms of communication between agencies and consumers. Pocket sized cell phones and smart phones were still a futuristic concept, and email communication was in its’ infancy.

2015 Marketing Tactics

Let’s fast forward to 2015, and look at your current insurance marketing strategy, which hopefully incorporates a noteworthy insurance web marketing initiative. Today people connect with businesses via social media, email, live chat, videos and by Tweets and texting. And this communication continues to gain momentum, with literally billions of interactions every day. So take a moment and ask yourself what you’ve done to embrace the evolution in digital insurance marketing, from mobile compliant websites to insurance email marketing drip campaigns. If your agency is up to date and generating consistent leads for your producers, then you’re building a foundation for the future. If you’re still marketing the old fashioned way, it’s time to, put away the boom box and update your insurance marketing strategy. Contact the insurance marketing experts at StartUpSelling at (518) 222-6392 for a complimentary web marketing review.

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