Is Your Agency Selling To Baby Boomers Or Generation X And Y

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October 7th, 2014


Insurance Agency MarketingAs buyers morph from the Greatest Generation, to the Boomer Generation, and through the X, Y & Z Generations, it will become increasingly important for agents to modify their prospecting and marketing methods to keep pace. Let’s consider the emerging Generation Y buyers. Generation Y, born roughly between 1980 and 2000, need to be approached differently, reflecting their different content consumption behavior and procurement preferences. Using my Generation Y children as a benchmark, we can readily see the changes from my Boomer Generation. They do not have cable TV, they use Netflix, they are more likely to watch TV and movies on their laptops and tablets than on a large screen. And of course, they turn to YouTube for many things. They do not have land lines and use social media every single day. They use tablets and smart phones for the majority of their internet browsing and purchases. They frequently read blogs and follow news feeds – rarely if ever watching “television news”. They purchase etail far more than retail. They text more than they call, they Skype when traveling abroad, or to their friends living abroad, and are relatively unimpressed with the concept of a free video call abroad – thinking this is the norm. Simply said, they think and buy differently. They are now buying insurance, and the amount they purchase will increase over time.

Is your agency keeping pace with these changes? Have you and your producers embraced digital marketing, social media marketing, and a mobile compliant website? Have you developed a high quality email marketing list? Do you have branded social media company pages? If you are B2B centric, are you leveraging LinkedIn and ePublishing? If you are B2C centric, are you utilizing Facebook, Twitter and other more consumer oriented social media platforms? Or, are you still working, living, thinking that you want to do business, “the old fashioned way”? And hoping what has worked – will continue to do so. Contact the insurance agency marketing team at StartUpSelling for a no obligation web marketing and lead generation review.

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