From the Archives: Irresistible Blog Titles

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November 2nd, 2016


Insurance Agency MarketingI just clicked on a LinkedIn post titled Irresistible Something. Or was it Blah Blah Irresistible? I can’t recall, but I had to click. Because, well, it was irresistible!

I would have passed on a good or even a great post, but irresistible? No chance. The lesson here is that social media postings, blog titles, email subject lines and website verbiage are significantly impacted by subtle nuances.

The web marketing landscape is cluttered with noise, but there is room in the long tail to be exceptional and gain mind-share from coveted prospects. I challenge you to find the subtle changes that make your content irresistible.

Originally Posted on March 28, 2013 by John Scranton

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