Integrating Video With Insurance Email Marketing

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August 3rd, 2015


whiteboard video thumbnail outlinedIf you ever pondered the efficacy of video, take a quick look at YouTube’s staggering statistics, now at over 4 billion views per day. In today’s digital world few marketing options are more powerful than video. Agencies and brokers can integrate video with their insurance email marketing campaigns for unbeatable results. Seeing is believing, and seeing a video message is much more engaging than reading a message.

Using video for your insurance email marketing content provides several advantages. Two of the most important gains involve web traffic. The first key benefit is a boost in your insurance Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The second key benefit is staying power, or in insurance website jargon, stickiness. Video keeps eyes on your web site longer, it attracts viewers and keeps website traffic flowing to your website.

Another essential benefit from using video as part of your email marketing content is the education opportunity offered with video. Video is more engaging, and let’s viewers see, hear and experience a message. Regulatory updates, innovative concepts, business improvement video help elevate your conversation from insurance salesperson to business adviser.

Video can’t be shared as an attachment, a link is used in the email campaign, which hopefully leads to a dedicated landing page, a blog, or specialized page on your insurance website. If the video has sufficient value, or when the time arrives that your content is known to be high quality, a short registration form can be used as a requirement for visitors to watch the video. Short is underlined here, as the longer the form, the less likely the views.

Why not use YouTube as the fulfillment method for your video? The goal should be to drive people to your website, such as prospects, clients, partners and prospective employees. It is an excellent idea for agencies and brokers to offer a YouTube channel to attract a wider audience and drive traffic, but for your insurance marketing campaigns, you want to drive people to your website. One option is to embed the video on a website page, dedicated landing page or blog. Thus you can stream the video from YouTube, while ensuring the web visitor remains on your site.

What types of video can you offer? Video can range from the ultra-simple to extremely intricate. Here are some examples:

  • Simple voice over PowerPoint
  • Talking head video (traditional recording of a head and shoulder shot)
  • Recorded webinar
  • Whiteboard video (whiteboard animation)
  • Production video (videographer visits your agency, scripts, records, edits and produces video)

Costs can range from close to nothing (voice over PowerPoint), to thousands of dollars a minute (for professionally produced video). Best practices typically recommend that insurance agencies and brokers invest in several types of video, allowing for budgetary constraints, while increasing the stickiness and effectiveness of their insurance website. Investing in video is one of the many ways that agents and brokers can invest in their content marketing strategy. Content marketing can offer compelling ROI when correctly implemented. Agencies, brokers and wholesalers lacking sufficient staff or expertise in email marketing and video can outsource these content opportunities to a qualified and reputable insurance marketing firm. Call (518) 222-6392 to learn more about integrating video into insurance email marketing campaigns.

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