Insurance Web Analytics

Insurance Web Analytics

  • How many people visit your website each day?

  • What is your conversion rate on forms?

  • Where do they go on your site? How long do they stay?

  • Where are your website visitors geographically and how are they arriving on your site?

The answers to these questions offer extremely valuable insight into your prospects, your communication and branding, your sales and marketing, and your business forecasting. Don’t make decisions without all the facts.
Insurance agency web analytics leverages tools and professionals to better understand the behavior of visitors to your website. This analysis includes tracking, reviewing, and reporting key data to measure site activity, including individual pages, forms, and calls to action as well as client portals, videos, and more.

Web analytics help identify opportunities to improve conversion and user experience while improving insights into prospect behaviors and areas of opportunity for branding and communication. StartUpSelling uses leading edge tools to help agencies and brokers track and monitor:
Insurance Web Analytics
  • Website traffic

  • Page traffic

  • Traffic sources

  • PPC/CPC traffic

  • Average time per page

  • Average session duration

  • User flow and bounce rate

  • Traffic by date and time

  • Search visibility

  • Traffic by region

  • Broken links

  • Domain authority and more!

If you’re ready to take your website to the next level, contact our SEO and website analytics team to discuss the future of your Internet visibility!

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