Insurance Marketing Videos To Rapidly Convey Your Value Proposition

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February 9th, 2016


Insurance Agency VideosInsurance marketing videos can help agents and brokers provide educational, effective and entertaining digital content. Video conveys concepts much faster and often better than text.  Check out this insurance marketing video graphic to learn the benefits agencies can receive when integrating video on their insurance agency website.

View our infographic and learn about these and other benefits:

  • 80% of website visitors are more likely to watch video then read your content.
  • Google also gives more weight to webpages that contain videos.
  • Videos offer compelling digital collateral for insurance email marketing & social media marketing campaigns
  • As your videos gain viewers, your insurance agency search engine optimization results improve.
  • And, video simply makes insurance agency websites look more polished and professional.

Agencies and brokers which lack the time or resources to create videos can call StartUpSelling at (518) 222-6392, where insurance experts can help you with a complimentary insurance video, lead generation or web marketing review.

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