Insurance Agency Marketing Lessons From Curacao

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January 28th, 2016


insurance web marketing ideas from curacaoWhy do so many people like the island of Curacao, and what lessons can be gleaned for insurance agency marketing?

  1. The weather is always warm and inviting, it’s consistently good: Consistency with agency marketing is half the battle. Keep your content in front of your prospects on a consistent, weekly basis. Long marketing lapses are bad, think of these as long stretches of bad weather.
  2. Curacao is outside the hurricane belt: Make sure your key items are not a disaster. For example, is your website 6 years old, and looking unprofessional? Have you created professional LinkedIn profiles and company profiles? When prospects and clients see you online – do you convey a solid, up to date, professional appearance?
  3. The scuba diving is great: Often it’s what lies beneath that can sink you. Make sure your content is relevant, your website is mobile compliant, and your producers are following best practices for all of their individual email marketing and social media efforts.
  4. Many choices for eating, drinking and shopping: Offer diverse content and marketing channels to reach your diverse prospects and clients.

Covering the insurance marketing basics professionally and consistently can be rewarding for agencies small and large. For those agencies which lack the time, resources or skills to accomplish this should contact StartUpSelling’s insurance marketing team for an insurance marketing review.