Insurance Marketing FAQ: How Do I Get More Leads?

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May 2nd, 2021


Insurance Agency LeadsInsurance agency lead generation is most effective in a multivector approach. This is because different lead generation strategies provide different results based on target market, timing, and a variety of other factors. From most immediate to most strategic, these insurance agency lead gen tactics include:

  • Appointment setting: Leads the first week, leads every week. This tried and true method can bring fast results to agencies but stays flat over the long term. Excellent for immediate leads.
  • Email marketing pointing to e-collateral or contact-based calls to action: Email campaigns can return relatively quick results. Lists should be larger than with appointment setting and can take more time and more initial cost to develop, but within the first few months, your agency will have touched many more prospects than could readily be achieved with appointment setting. Builds brand awareness and develops medium-term growth.
  • Search engine optimization and website traffic modification: Optimizing your web pages for search engine visibility and website user accessibility are key components of any well-run insurance agency marketing program. Long-term they will lead to significant growth for your organization in terms of brand awareness and lead generation. A slow but steady strategy that provides significant insight into your prospects and your web presence.
  • Email marketing in concert with webinar series: Imagine running live web seminars attended by hundreds of important contacts in and around your prospect pool, posting the webinars for on-demand viewing to capture visitor info from hundreds of additional prospects on your website, and making warm follow-ups by phone or email with individuals who know exactly what you do and are already interested in your services. This is the long-term success story of running a webinar series. Excellent for agency growth, brand awareness, e-collateral for email marketing, and much more. This is perhaps the most long-term strategy, though some of the benefits (such as creating new high-quality content for your website) are more immediate.
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