Insurance Agency Webinar: Effective Insurance Agency Closing Techniques

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July 1st, 2011


Join us for this unique webinar as our Insurance Agency Marketing team reviews Effective Insurance Agency Closing Strategies and Techniques. For each concept we review, we’ll share a real world example of these techniques and explain how they have resulted in improved close ratios. We think attendees will find these examples interesting and elucidating. A few of the stories we’ll share include:

  • How can you close a sale by talking about an old wooden desk?
  • How can you close a sale by working backwards?

    Insurance Agency Closing Tools
    Insurance Agency Closing Tools
  • How can an explosion help you close a sale?
  • How can you close a sale using peer pressure?

The techniques and tools discussed have consistently proven successful and will assist you in growing your book of business and improving your closing ratio.  Topics include:

  1. Closing by telling stories
  2. Closing by leveraging testimonials
  3. Closing with numbers & statistics
  4. Effective Lead Handling Methods
  5. Prospect Scorecard qualification

Date & Time: July 13th, Noon ET

To Register:

This webinar is applicable to any B2B insurance agency (or any B2B organization).

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