Insurance Agency Telemarketing & Appointment Setting – Tips, Tricks, Samples and Results [From the Archives]

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January 26th, 2016


Insurance Agency LeadsI was recently speaking to a prospect about telemarketing firms.  We discussed how typical organizations administer a cold calling campaign, and then how our services are different.  He thought the differences were significant and compelling, so I thought I should share a few ingredients to the secret sauce.

We use senior level telesales professionals for our insurance agency appointment setting campaigns and can integrate comprehensive insurance agency web marketing programs to optimize the effectiveness of your unique insurance agency marketing plans. We can work from your insurance agency prospect list or generate a comprehensive list targeted for your producers. Insurance agent leads are an important component of your agency’s success, and StartUpSelling can customize an insurance agent lead generation program that’s a compelling fit to effectively deliver your value proposition to your targeted prospects.

Appointment Comments (information gleaned by our appointment setters when they schedule an appointment):

Prospect, Kim R. (Owner), who discussed the idea with Debbie J. while we were on the phone. Debbie, VP of HR, will be expecting the call. They have 52 participating employees on their health plan. Call her at 1pm, she might have Dave K., COO with her on the call.

Prospect has 10 tractor/trailers and some vans mostly hauling heavy equipment and lumber. Radius of operation is the entire 48 states. They have 13 employees. They are gathering information now for a May 1 renewal and are currently covered by Main Street Insurance.

We spoke with Kim R. (Owner), who discussed the idea with Debbie S. while we were on the phone. Debbie, VP of HR, will be expecting the call.

Prospect has over 25 employees on health plan. Lois A. requested a reminder email the day before the appointment. They are not happy with their current agency and would like more alternatives for carriers. They renew January 1st. Call Monday at 9am sharp.

They have 118 Tractor trailers that haul general merchandise. They travel nationally, though they have extensive operations through PA and NJ. There are 235 employees and are currently covered by Progressive. He mentioned that they also run school buses. Call is at 1pm, they asked for an email invitation. Joe T. COO, Mary B. VP of HR and Bill S. Director of Safety will be on the call.

Snapshot of a successful Midwest telemarketing project
(4 months into their 6 month project):

Week #15

  • Over 4,000 calls made
  • 27 calls per hour
  • 115 conference calls set
  • 21 email requests
  • 139 total requests for contact
  • 1 request for info or meeting per hour
  • 5 sales closed
  • Many sales pending
  • Hundreds of emails gathered for eMarketing campaigns

Originally Posted on May 19th, 2011 by John Scranton

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