Insurance Agency Social Media Marketing And The Car Mechanic [From the Archives]

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January 12th, 2016


Insurance Social MediaInsurance Agency Social Media Marketing is growing in importance and complexity, much like cars and car engines as they evolved from the Ford Model T to today’s complex hybrid vehicles. However, the evolution of Insurance Agency Social Media Marketing is evolving at a much more rapid pace. Decades ago, you might be able to take a simple tool and fix an engine in your driveway with a wrench and a screw driver. Today, highly specialized tools are needed to fix the ever increasing complexity of car engines, one of which is often a diagnostic computer.  This is analogous in many ways to Social Media Marketing, which is also complex and requires specialized tools which can include website analytics, SEO analysis, Meta changes and keyword density analysis to mention a few.

Of course tools are only one aspect of either respective challenge. For example, let’s say your hybrid is spontaneously leaking electricity, possibly because of temperature increases as a result of polarity reversals. Perhaps it is happening because your nickel-metal hydride cells are discharging too quickly and the higher their capacity, the more prone they are to such rapid self-discharging.  Then again, it might be something completely different. Master mechanics are needed to diagnose these issues and to leverage the correct tools in the most efficient way to create a successful resolution. Should you endeavor to fix this issue on your own, you might buy a computer analysis console, battery tester, charger, replacement parts, and tools, as you like to do things yourself. I guess this is possible, though likely unwise for most of us, as the time would be better spent in other pursuits, leaving the repairs to master mechanics who, could likely help us in a more expeditious manner. Insurance Agency Social Media Marketing is arguably similar, requiring sophisticated tools, analysis and know how to diagnose complex issues and effectuate a successful web marketing solution for any given insurance agency.

Insurance agencies investing in web marketing and social media marketing tools or platforms are much less likely to succeed unless they invest commensurately in the skills needed to operate and optimize these tools. There are several choices here, as agencies can hire new employees to leverage these tools, or they can try to invest in education for internal staff, realizing this staff may have to overlook some of their current responsibilities (and that have the aptitude to do this type of work) or they can outsource all or some of these tasks. If an agency has yet to invest in these tools, they may not need to do so, as competent insurance agency marketing agencies may already have many of these tools in place. As with the expert car mechanic, you don’t need to bring a computer console to them to diagnose your engine, Similarly, insurance marketing agencies may have Social Media Marketing Tools and web marketing tools in place so that an agency does not need to purchase their own. If an agency has already invested in these tools, then the outsourced resources can and should be able to help properly utilize the tools.

Insurance Agency Social Media Marketing is rapidly increasing in importance for insurance agent marketers, and requires tools, skills, analysis and competent writing (content) to be successful. Agency principals should not hire a master car mechanic to help them with Social Media Marketing, nor should they invest in tools without a plan to leverage proficient skills. Successful Insurance Agency Social Media Marketing correlates to directly to the utilization of good tools, quality analytics and up to date skills and knowledge. You need all three of these to ensure a successful insurance agency social media marketing program. For more information contact StartUpSelling.

Originally Posted on April 28, 2011 by Alan Blume

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