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Insurance Press Release Image, Insurance Agency Press Release Image, Insurance Broker Press Release Image, Insurance News Release Image, Insurance Agency News Release Image, Insurance Broker News Release ImageShould small and medium size insurance agencies and wholesale brokers invest in press releases? The inference here is that larger agencies and brokers are already investing in press releases – which is an accurate depiction. Do the large brokers know something smaller agencies do not? Press releases, which are often referred to as news releases, provide agents and brokers with many insurance agency marketing benefits. Some of these include:

  • Expand market presence – deliver a refined message to a broad target market.
  • Reach new markets – alert new target markets, especially verticals, of agency products and services.
  • Create name recognition – helps target prospects “know” your agency when contacting them or quoting.
  • Define expertise – alerts prospects of deep industry knowledge (compliance and group benefits, trucking insurance, risk retention groups, restaurant insurance, etc.).
  • Improve insurance SEO – though search engines argue to the contrary, search engine optimization specialists have proven that press releases positively influence insurance agency SEO (SERPs).
  • Attract media attention – Properly executed, insurance agency press releases can be distributed to hundreds of thousands of news subscribers, tens of thousands journalists and bloggers, and can result in over 100,000 impressions per release.
  • Increase website traffic – press releases engages readers and directs them to visit your website.
  • Boost social media traffic – most press release services allow readers to share the release via social media.

Finding worthy press release topics is probably easier than agents might think. New insurance webinars or webinar programs, new lines of business, new employees, new offices, new carrier relationships, innovative products and service announcements, new website resources, upcoming speaking engagements or trade show exhibitions, and content/video libraries are all topics which can benefit from a release. Agencies and brokers can either staff this work internally, or outsource this important initiative to our expert insurance agency marketing and PR team. For more information about insurance agency press release services, call (518) 222-6392.

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