Insurance Social Media Marketing

Insurance Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing is both an art and a science, and certainly represents a marketing solution increasingly more important to insurance agencies and brokers. StartUpSelling’s Social Media Marketing programs will grow your book of business by establishing a significant presence on social media websites including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg and YouTube, to mention a few of the important sites applicable to your agency.

The Social Media Marketing program simultaneously leverages these sites, boosting marketing reach and effectiveness by dramatically expanding your online presence. Developing such tools can help an agency establish subject matter expertise, share content, improve SEO, and expand branding. Agents should think of Social Media Marketing as a huge banner displayed across Main Street, sharing your value proposition with prospects walking by, pointing the way to the front window of your Main Street agency, which in this case is your up to date and branded website.

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StartUpSelling will help you successfully use social media to effectively market your insurance products and services. Our extensive expertise and unique integration of social media applications is extremely effective. Our bloggers will help create effective blogs, then reblog, Tweet, Digg, Link, and publish to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube (when using Vlogs) and StumbleUpon quickly, efficiently, and effectively, without taking valuable time or resources from your agency.

Our bloggers and writers will ePublish professional articles targeting your keyword phrases and target prospect profile, and submit them to the best known online magazines which will result in compelling internet based article directories for your agency.

There are many other nuances to insurance social media marketing which can help you improve internet presence and Insurance SEO. StartUpSelling utilizes these social media applications in customized ways specific to your needs, establishing web pervasiveness and improved insurance SEO rankings while expanding your credibility and marketing reach.

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