Insurance Agency Marketing – Walking the Walk

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September 2nd, 2011


We review hundreds of agency websites and discuss marketing with a comparable number of agency executives.Many agencies are now embracing insurance agency marketing and embarking on insurance agency web marketing initiatives. These agencies often seek the help of outsourced marketing organizations, particularly with technical challenges like insurance agency websites, insurance SEO and insurance agency social media marketing.

It can be challenging for insurance agencies to determine where to find quality insurance agency marketing guidance. Self proclaimed experts are often lacking in one or many areas, and it can be challenging for agencies to separate high caliber marketing agencies from weak imitators. We often review insurance agency websites that have been recently completed, only to find that even the most fundamental insurance agency SEO tasks remain uncompleted. We find agencies which have invested in eMarketing tools but have little if any understanding how to use them.

How does your insurance agency differentiate quality insurance agency marekting services from organizations which do not have the necessary expertise, even though they look and sound like they understand insurance agency web marketing? Here are a few tips to better assess those which walk the walk versus talk the talk.

  1. Validate – where’s the beef: Insurance marketing agencies should be able to demonstrate 10 or 20 (or more) insurance agency websites and insurance agency SEO projects that they have completed, look good, have been thoroughly Search Engine Optimized and utilize a professional blog. Remember, if a marketing agency is good at telemarketing, it doesn’t mean they understand the nuances of websites. Check the rankings of the marketing agency’s own site – if their SEO results are weak, and their Alexa ranking is poor (over 1 million globally or 100,000 US for example) they are likely lost, and your agency is unlikely to glean quality website or SEO assistance from them.
  2. Measure – it’s hard to fake the numbers: If you’re interested in an insurance agency eMarketing and webinar program, ask to see content from actual campaigns, and ask for the resulting metrics from those campaigns. An insurance marketing agency that is proficient in these areas should have many examples, going back multiple years.
  3. Content – the pen is mightier than the sword – if you have a good pen: If a marketing firm claims they understand both marketing and your industry, they should be able to answer all your questions by pointing to one of their blogs or ePublished article. If the insurance agency marketing agency is light on content, they are probably light on skills or bandwidth. Review their website, their content, their blogs and ePublished articles, and you’ll get a better sense of their proficiency in the areas which you seek assistance.

Yes, your insurance agency needs current marketing tools and technology to better compete in a highly competitive market. Since it is likely your agency lacks the expertise to accomplish all the necessary insurance agency marketing and insurance agency web marketing tasks, it’s appropriate to seek the assistance of a viable insurance agency marketing agency. That said, do your due diligence, it’s important that the marketing firm you select can deliver quality results, on-time and within budget. It’s all about insurance agency marketing expertise, make sure the firm you select can truly walk the walk. For more information:

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