Insurance Agency Marketing – Top 5 Tips in 200 Words or Less – Tip #3

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April 25th, 2018


insurance agency email marketingTip #3: Leverage Email Marketing for Air Cover

Now that you have identified your ideal prospect profile and crafted your message of value (Tips 1 & 2 respectively), it is time to begin reaching out to your target market.  A tremendously effective way to do this quickly is an email marketing campaign.  A quality email campaign will provide air cover for your tactical sales operations – keeping you in front of your prospect, or at least in their inbox, while you are out selling.  When sending an email for our clients, we leverage over 100 best practices to optimize deliverability and effectiveness – here are a few you should implement today:

  • Do Not Sell Insurance – An email campaign asking prospects if they would like a quote from your very competitive markets will not generate opportunities, it will generate SPAM complaints.
  • Segment Campaign by Vertical (or Horizontal) – Different industries have different needs and different challenges.  Provide content specific to the industry vertical (or horizontal segment) that you are targeting.
  • Minimize Use of Images & Graphics – As a rule of thumb, the greater the use of images and graphics, the greater likelihood a message will be caught in a corporate email filter.

Check back soon for Tip #4.

Originally Posted on June 26, 2013 by John Scranton

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