Insurance Agency Marketing – Top 5 Tips in 200 Words or Less – Tip #2 [From the Archives]

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December 6th, 2016


Insurance Web MarketingTip#2: Create Your Unique Value Proposition

This sounds simple, but you would be shocked by the number of agency principals that struggle to explain what their business does and why it is unique and valuable.  This includes executives from large agencies.

Lets begin by reviewing what does not work: we provide great service, all the competitive markets, and have been in business since 1938.  Although commendable, this is not unique.  It is the story of 100’s of agencies across the country.  Even worse is an obtuse and unclear message, like “we manage the cost of risk.”

Here are a few examples of a value proposition that works as fuel for an insurance agency marketing campaign:

  • We only insure trucking companies and have for over 80 years.
  • We provide employee benefit solutions and proprietary market analysis tools to companies with 250 to 5000 employees.
  • We are a virtual agency with minimal overhead, creating deeper investments in talented service and safety personnel.

The reason these value propositions work is that they are different, clear and direct.  In the first two examples, the agencies have also followed Tip #1 (focusing on a clearly defined target prospect profile).

Originally Posted on June 11, 2013 by John Scranton

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