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July 9th, 2015


rubiks-cubeOver the next few weeks, we will be publishing actual questions from recent Insurance Agency Marketing webinars with responses from our expert team.  Here are the first 3, all relating to Insurance Agency eMarketing:

Question 1: How do we effectively use email marketing? Is a white paper effective?

Email marketing is a very effective source for leads when executed correctly. The key is to provide valuable content to your target audience, while obeying CAN-SPAM regulations. A white paper, case study or web seminar invitation that will help your prospect with the challenges they face will elicit the greatest response and create the most opportunity.

Question 2: What’s the most effective follow up once they read your emails?

Call them! Once a prospect shows an interest in your message (a direct response, click-through or multiple open), the most effective follow up is a direct call. Executive to executive calls are preferable, but problematic for many busy producers. Knowledgeable telesales professionals who understand insurance and the concept of your email campaign offer an excellent alternative.

Question 3: Does email marketing work for a P& C Agency? What is the rule as to sending e-mail to people or businesses we don’t know?

Yes, and please refer to: We are managing several campaigns for P&C agencies that are generating in-profile leads. When you do not have a previously established relationship, make sure to obey the regulatory guidelines provided.

Question 4: What is working for other commercial insurance producers?

At the core of our most successful commercial producer relationships there is a common theme: lead generation. It is difficult to gain access to commercial accounts, and extremely challenging to earn an audience with large accounts. A targeted lead generation program that creates opportunities (such as warm eMarketing & webinar leads or scheduled appointments) allows agents to focus on quoting, closing, and producing revenue.

Question 5: Where do we find higher value clients who want insurance quotes?

This is a complex question which we will assume is relating to high net worth personal lines prospects. The traditional method of building a network of key influencers still works to connect with HNW’s. Financial advisors, attorneys and CPA’s have clients who need asset protection and estate planning, and insurance plays a key role. To accelerate that long path to the money, a content driven social media and search campaign can be effective.

Question 6: How to use LinkedIn to attract middle market and large accounts.

The best way to reach middle market and large accounts is by leveraging an integrated eMarketing and appointment setting campaign. Email marketing offering value driven content (we prefer educational webinars), with direct calls to all warm opportunities will be the fastest path. LinkedIn can supplement this initiative in 3 ways: 1) learn more about your prospects both personally professionally, 2) share content with those you are trying to reach, 3) interact in groups consisting of your target prospects.

Question 7: Effectiveness of telemarketing versus social media marketing?

Both telemarketing and social media marketing offer important, powerful and productive tools to help build your business. However, they have much different maps to the lead gen destination. Telemarketing provides a much faster path to opportunity – a direct route.

Question 8: Linkage between marketing methods?

When properly blended together, marketing campaigns will form a recipe for lead gen success. The key is mixing each campaign together in the right proportions. When blogging and social media provide collateral to support a telemarketing campaign, synergy will compel improved results.

Question 9: How to get prospects to focus on insurance when they are busy trying to run their business.

Is this the million dollar question? The answer is delivering value to your prospects. Help them solve their business challenges, and they will be much more willing invest time reviewing your products – or maybe even sign a BOR.

Originally Posted on January 7-10, 2013 by John Scranton

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