Insurance Agency Marketing Blog Post #300

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July 14th, 2011


15 months and 300 entries later, the Insurance Agency Marketing blog has seen many changes to the world.  Here are a dozen important events, presented in alphabetical order, that impacted life and business.

  1. 33 Chilean miners are trapped underground for 68 days.  All are successfully rescued.  The operation is televised internationally.
  2. Apple introduces the iPad and shifts the face of consumer technology, again.
  3. Avatar is released and becomes the highest grossing film of all-time.
  4. BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil well pours over 500,000 gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico each day.  Eventually it is stopped.  Cleanup continues.
  5. Japan is devastated by a tsunami.  Thousands of lives are lost.  Dozens of countries join to assist in the recovery.
  6. Jimmie Johnson wins a 5th consecutive NASCAR Cup Championship, joining the Boston Celtics, New York Yankees and Montreal Canadiens and the only professional sports teams to achieve this feat.
  7. LinkedIn grows exponentially, surpasses 100 million members, goes public and becomes the #2 social network in the United States.
  8. President Obama signs the Affordable Health Care for America Act into law and begins changing the benefits world.
  9. Spain wins the 2010 FIFA World Cup, their first title, pushing Europe ahead of South America for the most continental titles.
  10. StartUpSelling dramatically expands Social Media Marketing services and launches web video solution.
  11. The Dow Jones industrial average spends 60 days dropping from 11,000 to 9,600 – followed by a 30% climb to 12,500 over the next 12 months.
  12. Wikileaks becomes a household name and stirs international controversy.
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