Insurance Agency Marketing 2.0 – Chapter 6: Insurance Agency Websites

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July 11th, 2011


Your website is your window to the world.  You no longer have a store front on Main Street, your store front resides in cyberspace.  Nearly everyone who considers your product will visit your website at some point during the sales process, whether they are looking for background information, performing research, or simply seeking a phone number.  There was a time when an attractive website was viewed as a luxury – today it is required.

Insurance Agency Website Design

Your website must appear clean, current and professional. When a prospect or client passes by your site, they must like what they see.  If they are unimpressed, they may move on to a competitor.  The clearest path to reaching this destination is by applying the three aforementioned adjectives.  Lets break them down one at a time:

Clean – The Free Dictionary states that the definitions of clean are “free from dirt, stain, or impurities; unsoiled” andfree from foreign matter or pollution.”  These are telling definitions.  Your website should not be cluttered with excessive images, advertisements or flash components.  Simple elegance is superior to overindulgence.

Current – A brief glance at most websites will tell you if it is modern.  A look at the copyright date will clarify for those that are not obvious.  If your website is outdated, visitors will notice.  Update look and feel annually and leverage current technology to create a current look.

Professional – Finally, the website must appeal to the sophisticated business person to whom you wish to sell your product.  It must have an intelligent and intuitive design that is representative of your expertise and professionalism.

Value Proposition & Call to Action

Now that your guest has pulled in to the drive and has decided to spend a few minutes visiting with your firm, you must make your message abundantly clear.  If they cannot quickly comprehend what you do and why it is important, they won’t.  If they cannot quickly find what you want them to do, they won’t do anything.  Therefore, it is important to discuss how to quickly convey your value proposition, and how to develop an effective call to action.

Value Proposition – A value proposition is a clear and concise statement that expresses why your product or service is superior and suited to the unique needs of your target prospect.  Your website must project this concept quickly.  If you provide deep employee benefits expertise for small businesses, your graphics, headers, title and theme should all explain that fact.  My company provides insurance agency marketing solutions and you cannot look at our homepage without that idea becoming abundantly clear.

Call to Action – They have arrived and learned why you are important.  They might be interested in speaking with you, or learning more about your solutions.  So what do they do?  If your call to action is effective, they will know.  This should include contact information (my email and phone number are on the top right corner of our homepage in large font) and a path to learning more about your expertise and value.  This could be a clear link to a case study, white paper, webinar or any other educational medium that concurrently expresses your expertise.  It is preferable that these require an email registration so you have a path for prospect follow up.

Once your website is meets these criteria, you are ready to optimize for search.  Check back shortly for Insurance Agency SEO tips.

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