Insurance Agency Marketing 2.0 – Chapter 1: Introduction

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June 1st, 2011


First, there was a man in a cheap suit shouting at passers-by on the town thoroughfare, offering his goods.  Then, there was a man going door-to-door peddling his wares.  And finally, there was a person cold calling through the phone book and canvassing their way to retirement (or exhaustion).  These historical techniques are the origins of sales and marketing.  They were avenues to success in their respective eras.  Now they are extinct.

Enter Insurance Agency Marketing 2.0.  I could have chosen nearly any numeral to illustrate the version of the concepts I will present, as infinite refinements and iterations have been made between the snake-oil-sales days of the old west and the ultra-efficient methods available today.  However, I chose this number as it is indicative of the Web 2.0 methods that fuel the engines of leading-edge, tech savvy salespeople.

The Insurance Agency Marketing 2.0 series will teach you how to effectively develop a multi-dimensional marketing approach that touches target prospects in a variety of ways, identifying those who are interested and moving them into your pipeline.  When properly executed, this strategy will require no more effort than a traditional campaign, but will yield significantly improved results.

Here is an outline of what we will review:

  • Part 1: Start Filling the Pipeline
    • Prospect Identification & List Generation
    • Insurance Agency eMarketing
    • Insurance Agency Webinars
    • Telemarketing & Appointment Setting
  • Part 2: Become Pervasive in Cyberspace
    • Insurance Agency Websites
    • Insurance Agency SEO
    • Blog Design, Development & Posting
    • Insurance Agency Social Media Marketing
  • Part 3: Closing Business

New Chapters will be posted throughout the month of June.  Check back often to learn more, or subscribe to the Insurance Agency Marketing Blog to be notified of new posts automatically.

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