Insurance Agency Lead Generation Case Study – Preview – Part 1 of 4 [From the Archives]

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May 28th, 2015


truckTrucking Agency Telemarketing Campaign Produces Over 200 Prospects per Year

Transportation Insurance Specialists Find a Marketing Partner in StartUpSelling Who Matches their Unique Industry Expertise – The Result is a Pipeline Filled with In-Profile Prospects

Many insurance agencies and brokers seek areas of specialization.  Niche markets offer an opportunity to develop unique expertise.  Smart agencies use their distinct risk management skill set to craft a compelling value proposition and marketing message, dramatically improving the likelihood of success and sustained growth.  Those who have selected transportation as their target market are met with extraordinary opportunities, and equally imposing challenges.  Finding a way to consistently fill the pipeline with quality, in-profile prospects is the difference between those agencies who capitalize on the opportunity and those who succumb to the challenges.

The slumping economy provided a catalyst for those agencies struggling with the daunting task of generating leads for producers.  One East Coast based agency had successfully grown for over 60 years using traditional referral, cross-selling and word of mouth tactics.  While the US economy staggered and many trucking companies contracted, the principals began seeking alternatives to continue past growth.  The search led them to outsourced marketing agencies who could offer cost-effective programs, decreasing the risk and investment of in-house personnel.  Ultimately, they selected StartUpSelling, Inc. as the lead generation solution needed to jumpstart the pipeline quickly.

Check back soon for the full case study.

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Originally Posted on November 26, 2012 by John Scranton

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