Insurance Agency Lead Generation Case Study – Part 4 of 4 [From the Archives]

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June 5th, 2015


Truck and highway at day - transportation backgroundTrucking Agency Telemarketing Campaign Produces Over 200 Prospects per Year

Transportation Insurance Specialists Find a Marketing Partner in StartUpSelling Who Matches their Unique Industry Expertise – The Result is a Pipeline Filled with In-Profile Prospects

For more than two years, the agency principals have been delighted with their decision to employ StartUpSelling as their outsourced marketing department.  The articulate caller represents the agency professionally and maintains a constant presence within the transportation marketplace.  The producer pipeline is constantly filled with in-profile prospects who are interested in speaking with the agency.  Most importantly, lead generation is no longer a challenge for this agency – they are free to focus on the opportunities provided by the trucking industry.

StartUpSelling CEO Alan Blume summarized the project: “We are very pleased with the results.  The is a perfect illustration of our belief that agencies who specialize in transportation insurance will be extraordinarily successful when they have the right marketing and lead generation campaigns in place.  When an agency with deep industry expertise is matched with our trucking experts, the synergies created are powerful and the rewards are great.”

Check back soon for the full case study.

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Originally Posted on November 30, 2012 by John Scranton

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