Insurance Agency Email Marketing & Preview Text

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August 13th, 2021


insurance email marketingInsurance agency owners, principals and marketers should be taking advantage of preview text for all of their email campaigns. If you are unfamiliar with preview text and its role with insurance email marketing campaigns, read on:

What is preview text?

Preview text is the text snippet below (or next to) an email subject line in the email client inbox. It gives additional detail into the subject matter of the email, and improves the look and feel of the delivered email, which translates into the overall professionalism of the message and campaign. Preview text prevents garbled or unrecognizable text under your email subject line (see image).

Who uses preview text?

All major email clients now support preview text, including Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail. Gmail refers to this as Snippets, Apple Mail calls it a preview, and in Outlook it’s a Message Preview.

What happens when you don’t use preview text correctly?

Incorrect Preview Text

In the image above, the preview text is pulling the image name as opposed to information that would be helpful to the reader, thus impacting campaign professionalism and expertise. Graphically rich emails, or emails that begin with an image often cause problems with preview text.

 Proper Preview Text

In the image above, the preview text is pulling customized and appropriate content pertaining to the message. Insurance agency marketers should review each message, especially with graphically rich emails, to ensure their preview text is correct. Bottom line, make sure all your email campaigns are using preview text properly. It’s best to customize the preview text to compliment the subject line, as opposed to repeating the subject line.

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