In Case Your Missed Our Insurance Agency Video Marketing Webinar

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September 19th, 2011


If you missed our insurance agency video marketing webinar, our counterparts as StartMarketingTech will be providing a similar presentation to the property management industry on Wednesday.  Although the content will not be agency specific, and video production methodologies and marketing concepts will be the same.  For your convenience, I have included a copy of the invitation below:

Complimentary Property Management Marketing Webinar

Join us for this brief, complimentary web seminar.  Our panel of property management marketing experts will review and discuss emerging Skype Interview technology.  This unique methodology for website video and YouTube content development has created an opportunity for organizations to quickly and effectively launch a video marketing campaign.  Topics include:

* Skype Interview Technology
* Website Video Marketing
* YouTube Content Development
* 3X Value for Every Video
* Video as a Closing Tool

Date & Time: Wednesday, September 21 @ 12:00pm – 12:30pm

To Register:

For more information visit StartMarketingTech.

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