In 2015 Your Insurance Agency Will Become A Formidable Insurance Marketer

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December 6th, 2014


Imagine that your agency is one of the most sophisticated, technologically advanced marketers in the country. Your tools, time and talent drastically belie your size. Though your commission revenue is perhaps $3 Million, $5 Million or $10 Million, your marketing knowledge, execution and efficacy resembles agencies more than 10 or 20 times your size. And your growth rate is indicative of your marketing proficiency. Agencies and brokers don’t need to use their imagination to accomplish this,nor do they need to staff an expensive marketing department, they simply need to reach out to the StartUpSelling¬†insurance marketing team at (518) 222-6392¬†for a customized insurance marketing and lead generation plan. Watch this short video to for a glimpse into what could be…