Improve Insurance Agency Email Marketing Using Educational Techniques

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December 7th, 2015


insurance agency email marketingInsurance email marketing is an essential element of any well orchestrated insurance marketing plan. Yet many agents, brokers and wholesalers lack a consistent email marketing initiative to attract and retain clients. Here are some tips on how to create an educational email campaign as a part of your overall insurance marketing plan.

What is the Goal of Educational Emails?

Educational emails inform, update, explain and elucidate recipients. They may be used in conjunction with webinars and newsletters, with a goal of delivering timely information to your readers. They help build trust, establish value and create a reputation of expertise.

Educational Email Tips

To create an effective educational insurance email marketing campaign you should:

  • Focus on helping the recipient
  • Provide timely information
  • Create content that readers can digest quickly and put into action immediately
  • Utilize content which informs and updates the reader, keeping them abreast of changes which impact their business and industry
  • Include a call to action in every email to provide additional digital content

Let focus on the last bullet point. Why should educational emails include a call to action, offering additional content, pertaining to the topic of the email? The goal of all emails is to build a digital rapport, compelling the readers to visit your insurance website, blog, on-demand webinars or resource library. Visitors can and should find your content educational and compelling, which in turn helps showcase your industry expertise. Insurance agency email marketing is about creating, maintaining and enhancing your company’s reputation, and of course, to generate insurance leads to grow your book of business. This is an important long term approach which will attract new prospects and retain more clients.

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