If You Don’t Have a Timetable – You Don’t Have a Project

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June 27th, 2011


Internally and externally, in operations and in sales, if you lack a clear timetable, you lack a destination.

Create a clear timetable for your employees to complete tasks.  Ask them to agree to deliver within your time frame or to suggest a more realistic due date.  If your project depends on contributions from others, and you want it move forward, set deadlines for each step in the process.  Begin with the end in mind, but also make certain each step is clearly defined and attached to a specific delivery date.

It is equally important to create a timetable in sales.  When would you like to meet?  When would you like me to follow up?  When can you sign and return the contracts?  These are all questions you should be asking your prospects as they move through the sales process, they create accountability and an opportunity to follow up.  If a prospect won’t tell you when they can sign – they won’t sign.

Many books discuss this concept.  Business, sales, personal development and productivity texts are promote the importance of creating a clear time frame for tasks to be completed.  I suggest you do this individually and with each party you work with.  If you have a clear timetable, you will reach your destination.

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