How to Optimize Your Insurance Agency Marketing Video

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October 3rd, 2011


Insurance agency marketing has transitioned toward a more web centric model in recent years.  This includes leveraging a professional, attractive and interactive website and a robust social media marketing campaign.  And now, a insurance agency web marketing campaign must also include web-based video.  As an agency integrates video into their strategy, it is critical to optimize that contact for maximum effectiveness.  Here are the steps required:

Add Your Video to Your Website – This rather obvious first step cannot be overlooked and must be executed properly.  It is recommended that a Video tab or page be established on the website where all videos are posted, developing a content library.  Meanwhile, video should also be highlighted on the website home page.  This can be achieved by posting a highlighted video to the home page, or an image of the video which links to your video page.  Now that you have this exciting new media, make certain everyone who visits your websites sees it expeditiously.

Post Your Video to YouTube – YouTube has escalated to a podium position in the world of the Web.  Only Google and Facebook see more visitors than YouTube, and these visitors often remain on the site for long periods of time.  This creates an opportunity for agencies to convey expertise and share information with clients and prospects over a very popular and easy to use medium.  Posting your video to YouTube is a simple process that only takes a few minutes.  However, the devil is in the details, and you must make sure to integrate your search keywords in the title and tags if you wish for your video to be found.

Post Your Video to Your Blog – It is also highly recommended that insurance agency marketing videos be posted to the company blog.  If this blog is external and lives at or other common blog sites, you can often copy and post the embedding code directly from YouTube.  This makes a video blog post a very simple task.  However, this again must be property titled, tagged and categorized prior to distribution.  For those of you who have a blog integrated with your website, it may sound redundant to post videos to your video page and to the blog.  Here is why you should do both: your blog entries are automatically sent to your subscribers.  This alerts your clients and prospects to your new content and makes viewing more likely and timely.

By following these simple steps, an insurance agency marketing plan will successfully add video to their strategy in a highly effective manner.

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