How to Optimize Insurance Agency Video for Effective Insurance Agency Web Marketing

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October 4th, 2011


Insurance agency marketing is rapidly transitioning to a more web centric model. Many agencies have created more professional, attractive and interactive insurance agency websites and are attempting to leverage the opportunities available through social media marketing initiatives. However, to optimize web marketing efficacy, Insurance agency web marketing campaigns must also include web-based video. As agencies and brokers introduce insurance web video into their strategy, it is important to properly optimize this new medium for maximum effectiveness. Here are the steps required:

Add Short Video Vignettes to Your Website– This obvious first step cannot be overlooked and must be executed properly. It is recommended that a Video tab or page be established on the website where all videos are posted, developing a content library. Video should also be highlighted on the website home page. This can be achieved by prominently posting a video on the home page with an attractive tile and clear call to action. Once an agency or broker has invested in video, they need to optimize website placement to maximize traffic and website stickiness. You want to make it as easy as possible that everyone who visits your websites, can quickly see your professional website video is readily available.

Post Your Video to YouTube – YouTube has been escalated to a podium position in the world of web marketing. Only Google and Facebook currently see more visitors than YouTube, with YouTube visitors remaining on the video site for long periods of time. This creates an opportunity for agencies to convey expertise and share information with clients and prospects over a very popular and easy to use medium. Posting insurance agency video to YouTube is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. However, the devil is in the details, and you must make sure to integrate your search keywords in the title and tags if you wish for your video to be found. This presupposes that your agency has spent the necessary time researching your keywords through Google AdWords or a more robust fee based solution. As an added bonus, you can consider transcribing all or part of your video for optimum SEO impact.

Post Your Video to Your Blog– It is also recommended that insurance agency marketing videos should be posted to an agency blog. If you don’t have a blog yet, this is another good reason to create one, and when combing video into a blog, it is often referred to as a Vlog (video blog). If this blog is external and lives at or other common blog sites, you can often copy and post the embedding code directly from YouTube. This makes a video blog post a very simple task. However, this again must be property titled, tagged and categorized prior to distribution. For those agents who have a blog integrated with your website, it may sound redundant to post videos to your video page and to the blog. But here is why you should do both: your blog entries are automatically sent to your subscribers, and it offers another opportunity for the search engines to find your dynamic content to improve your SEO standings (SERPs – placement on the Search Engine Results Pages). This alerts your clients and prospects about your new video content, making viewing more likely and timely, driving more traffic to your websites.

By following these simple steps, an insurance agency marketing plan will successfully optimize their web video strategy, resulting in a positive web marketing impact in a variety of important ways. If properly implemented, website video offers greater website stickiness, a more current look and feel, Web 2.0 website elements, social media marketing opportunities, blogging and vlogging and improved SEO. Every agent, producer, executive and owner should be giving serious thought about optimizing their website video opportunities.

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