How is Your Agency Filling the Sales Funnel? [From the Archives]

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July 16th, 2015


Here are 5 ideas for you to consider to fill your agency sales funnel:

  • FunnelAppointment Setting – Professional and articulate telemarketers who understand insurance and the market they are pursuing offer the most direct route to your prospects.
  • Email Marketing – Educational and valuable email messages which help your prospects solve their business challenges provide a way to identify who is interested, warming up your calls.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Effective SEO campaigns will drive targeted prospects to your website and content resources.  Make sure you are also optimizing for conversions.
  • Update Prospect Lists – Companies change ownership or management, employees leave and new faces are hired – consistently refreshing your prospect lists will help you stay on top of your market.
  • Be Patient – Marketing is not instant oatmeal.  If it was, you would already be flush with opportunities.  Find the right target markets, the right strategy, and stay the course.
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