How do you track the results of your Appointments, Proposals and Marketing Campaigns?

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September 9th, 2011


The above spreadsheet may appear to be overly simplified.  That is because it is.  If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t bother to use it.  I would find some excuse about being too busy and the process being too onerous.  This is a generic version of the appointment tracking matrix that I use daily.  When an appointment is scheduled, I enter the prospects name, the date and the source of the lead.  If the appointment happens, I change the 0 in the demo column to a 1.  If the prospect advances to proposal, I change that column from a 0 to 1.  If they buy, I change the closed column from a 0 to a 2. Just kidding, I change it to a 1.

The process could not be any simpler.  It takes approximately 30 seconds to add a new prospect, and about 10 seconds to make each update as the prospect moves through the sales process.  The result of this minute (or minute) time investment is a one page sheet that shows how many appointments I have and how many closed.  It shows how many proposals/quotes I present and how many closed.  And with a quick search I can track how many prospects have come from each lead source, and of course, how many closed.

How are you tracking the results of your appointments, proposals and marketing campaigns?  Is it this simple, effective and efficient?


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