How Do I Create an Insurance Lead Handling Process?

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June 14th, 2021


Insurance Agency LeadsMany agencies and brokers need to formalize their prospecting and lead handling process. Agencies and brokers (or for that matter any business) should have the following critical elements in place when it comes to their insurance lead initiatives:

  • Targeted prospect list (with emails whenever possible!)
  • Consistent and professional methodology to contact these prospects
  • Well defined (documented) lead handling process for each type of lead
  • Tracking and reporting process for these leads (closed-loop marketing)

Many agencies, brokers, and their respective producers lack a consistent and well-defined lead handling process. During our kickoff meetings, we help our clients create a closed-loop lead handling process, to disseminate and track the inbound leads. As many clients receive 5 to 10 in profile leads per week, this is a very important aspect of an insurance agency lead initiative. After all, isn’t the idea to “Sell More & Work Less” or at least sell more by working more efficiently! For more information on territory-exclusive insurance agency marketing and lead programs, contact us for a one-to-one agency marketing review.