Have You Tried The Prospect Scorecard?

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September 1st, 2011


The Prospect Scorecard

The Prospect Scorecard offers salespeople, sales managers, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, insurance agents, realtors and other business people a simple and easy way to qualify, track and rank your best prospects. Salespeople often refer to prospects in vague terms such as: new, warm, hot, cold, likely, qualified, etc. These terms do little to better understand a sales pipeline or convey likelihood of purchase to other members of the team. The Prospect Scorecard resolves this issue, simply, quickly and easily for any salesperson or business.

  • Helps you create ideal attributes to form a buyer persona
  • Creates a simple numeric system to leverage your buyer persona
  • Assigns numeric values to rank your best prospects
  • Helps you create a simple qualification acronym to determine likelihood to close
  • Ranks your prospects by Prospect Score, Quality Score and Alphabetically
  • Color codes your prospects into Green, Yellow and Red, displaying prospect categories

It’s a fast and simple way to understand, quantify and qualify your pipeline. The Excel version is available at no charge at: https://startupselling.com/sales-tools.html. Look for more information in our upcoming book, Sell More & Work Less.

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