Google Announces Two Important Mobile Website & SEO Updates

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August 26th, 2016


Google Tools For Insurance Web MarketingGoogle announced two important updates about mobile websites and search results. About two years ago Google added a mobile friendly label (you’ve probably seen these appear on mobile search results pages) to help users find pages that were mobile friendly. Mobile friendly pages are readable without zooming, and have tap targets (links and buttons) which are appropriately spaced.

Google now estimates that 85% of all pages in mobile search results meet this mobile friendly criteria. Consequently, to keep search results uncluttered, they will be removing the label from the search results. However, all insurance agencies and brokers must understand that the mobile-friendly criteria will continue to be an important part of Google’s ranking signal. Pages which are not mobile friendly will be punished in the rankings, adversely impacting insurance agency search engine optimization results.

Google also made a second important announcement relating to interstitials. What is an interstitial you might ask? Think of an annoying pop-up ad that appears on a website or article that you’re reading, covering part or all of your screen. That is an interstitial. It is a page that is inserted in content flow, for the purpose of advertising or promotion. In some cases, user interaction is required to move past the interstitial, or it may have a time delay sufficient to read the ad. Regardless, for those agencies employing those annoying “Get A Quote Now” type of interstitial pop ups, Google is providing advance warning to remove them, or your agency will be penalized in their rankings.

Agencies and brokers (or any organization) which have not recently updated their websites can determine if they are sufficiently mobile friendly by using the Google mobile-friendly test.  Agencies seeking assistance with their website or insurance web marketing and lead generation initiatives are invited to contact StartUpSelling for a complimentary evaluation.


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