Getting on the Bandwagon with an Ode to Steve Jobs

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August 25th, 2011


Each morning I begin my day by scanning my email inbox and glancing at a few news and social media websites.  Today, the messages I found in each area were all the same.  CNN, CNBC, LinkedIn, Twitter, and several blogs all saying goodbye to Steve Jobs as he resigns from from his post as CEO of the 2nd largest market cap company in the country, Apple.

The articles consisted of life stories, career achievements, timelines of his tenure with Apple and even notes thanking him for his contributions to technology and society.  The profiles of his success are certainly impressive.  Co-founding Apple, launching the Macintosh computer, purchasing and selling Pixar, launching the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad – all huge achievements that occurred under his inspirational leadership.

What impresses me most was that he has also overcome significant challenges in his life.  Jobs was raised by adoptive parents, and although I do not view this as a disadvantage, it is something that can create questions for a young child.  However Jobs instead questioned technology, computers and traditional thought.  Most recently, pancreatic cancer and a liver transplant preceded the unveiling of the iPad and iPad2.  Talk about a great comeback story.

So now I have officially joining the parade of bloggers who are offering tributes to Steve Jobs.  Although all 3 computers in my household are Dells, and my iPod spends nearly all of its time in a desk drawer, and I use a Droid instead of an iPhone – I can certainly appreciate the creative genius and technological value created by Apple and Mr. Jobs.

Hopefully young people across the globe are reading the stories that I read today and thinking of ways to develop smaller, faster, better and more efficient technology.  I am sure that Jobs would like nothing more than to know he continues inspire from the relaxing confines of his home.

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