Get To The Point – Webinar Marketing Best Practices

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December 16th, 2011


I recently attended a webinar. It started about 4 minutes late. There were two speakers who spent the next seven minutes introducing themselves, bantering and seemingly trying to “warm up” the audience. The webinar was scheduled to run an hour in length. I left after 30 minutes, finding the content too vague and offering too little to make it worthwhile. But, I did learn (or at least validate) something very important.

StartIUpSelling Web Marketing Best Practices
StartIUpSelling Web Marketing Best Practices

Webinars, particularly those attempting to introduce a company or business concept, build rapport or even evangelize leading edge solutions, should be to the point and succinct. In a recent survey we completed on behalf of a b2b client, almost 80% of the respondents thought webinars between 20 minutes and 45 minutes in length were ideal, while less than ten percent said they wanted webinars of an hour or more. Of the 80% in the 20 to 45 minute category, over half of them thought a 30 minute webinar was ideal.

These sentiments are echoed by my own preferences, the first thing I do when receiving a 90 minute webinar invitation, is to reach for the delete button. So, to get to the point of this blog entry, when it comes to webinars, less is likely more. For more information go to StartUpSelling or StartMarketingTech for Web Marketing and Virtual Business best practices.

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