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February 25th, 2015


Top 3 Trucking Agency Marketing Blogs

Posted on April 11, 2012 by John Scranton

Trucking Insurance Agents need to Sell More & Work Less

1. Trucking Insurance Agencies and Telemarketing

Perhaps you own a trucking insurance agency and want to increase your activity. Your close ratio might be good but you don’t have sufficient prospects. Using a baseball analogy, your trucking insurance agency has a Ted Williams batting average but your only playing as a pinch hitter so you don’t have sufficient at bats to build your book of business.

There are two quick fixes for this.

* Refine your Target Profile and Buyer Persona and assemble a quality prospect list

* Outsource a marketing/telemarketing campaign that will yield 20 to 40 “At Bats” per month

A Buyer Persona is a one or two paragraph written description of your ideal buyers. For example: Mike Jones is a CFO with a trucking company between $5 million and $50 million in revenues. He’s held this position at least three years and seeks an insurance agency that understands transportation insurance and offers both coverages and expert guidance. He does not make quick decisions, but is willing to try a new agency if they offer deep expertise and competitive pricing. He can make the decision to purchase, but may seek to validate it with other team members. Once he decides, however, the sale is very likely to move forward.

Telemarketing (Appointment Setting), which can be challenging for general agencies, is effective for vertical agencies like trucking insurance agencies, assuming they have a good list (this can be outsourced) and a good telemarketer (this should be outsourced). We average 5 to 10 appointments per week in the 1 to 20 Power Unit profile, plenty of “At Bats”, so you don’t have to be Ted Williams to build your book of business.

2. Trucking Agency Appointment Setting Metrics

Telemarketing Results through Month 18

  • Over 15,000 dials made
  • 22 calls made per hour
  • 330 conference call appointments
  • Many sales closed

Telemarketing Results through Month 4

  • Over 3,800 dials made
  • 24 calls made per hour
  • 77 conference call appointments
  • Many sales closed

These powerful results are achieved by leveraging a professional telemarketer with deep agency experience, current and accurate prospects lists and a call pitch specifically tailored for the target profile of each agency client.

3. StartUpSelling Insurance Agency Web Marketing Client Featured in October Rough Notes Article

Natick, MA (PressExposure) October 19, 2010 — In the October issue of Rough Notes, reporter Mike Moody offers a comprehensive view of the insurance agency web seminar marketing strategy which has been implemented by StartUpSelling, Inc. for many insurance agency clients. In this case, the article features a prominent trucking insurance agency. This strategy roughly translates into a new formula for agency producers, in that they “never have to make cold calls again”.

Moody reviews this seemingly bold claim for a moment. When an insurance agency, or for that matter any B2B business, successfully rolls out an executive web seminar series, eMarketing program and social media marketing strategy, the results can change the sales landscape in such a way that all future calls, essentially become “warm calls”. With registration of 50 – 300+ executives at monthly insurance agency web seminars, it doesn’t take long to establish an ongoing web marketing dialogue with a comprehensive prospect pipeline.

These prospects already “know” the sponsoring agency through their webinar program, thus morphing producer colds calls into warm web seminar follow-up calls. It’s a great article and appears on Pages 12 and 14 of the current Rough Notes October Issue:

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