Four Step Insurance Agency Marketing Plan – Step 1: Building the Foundation

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January 23rd, 2012


Building a successful marketing program is akin to building a house.  The end result is entirely dependent on the strength and integrity of the foundation.  If the initial building blocks are weak, future development will be a challenge or a failure.  Investing in the proper resources and processes will provide the groundwork for achieving your goals.

The Four Step Insurance Agency Marketing Plan that will be unveiled during our upcoming webinar begins with a foundation of two important components: a quality prospect list and an effective website.  We will break each area down in granular detail during the presentation, but here is quick overview:

Prospect List: After you have identified your target prospect profile, you need to develop a database of the suspects you wish to market to and eventually write/sell/sign.  To accomplish this successfully, you will need to find a vendor who is able to locate the specific titles you need to speak with at the companies you are targeting.  This list must also include email addresses and be delivered in a format that will easily upload to your contact management and email marketing platforms.

Website: The term “effective website” can be confusing.  It is like “effective automobile.”  It means very different things to different people.  To distill the latter term, an effective automobile must safely transport you from Point A to Point B.  An effective website must convey your value proposition and provide a clear call to action.  In a sense, safely transporting your message and offering visitors a destination.

Check back soon or a synopsis of Step 2 of the Four Step Insurance Agency Marketing Plan…

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