Emoticons For Insurance Web Marketing – Seriously ;-) OMG!

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June 16th, 2016


insurance web marketingEmoticons, or emoji’s, have become a popular way for people to express their emotions in social media, texts, and emails. As marketers try to find new ways to reach their market, they have begun to explore the idea of Emoji Marketing. Though it’s highly unlikely an emoji would influence this writer, there are younger buyers out there (OK – that does leave a large range at my age) that are emoji fans.

Emoji’s began in texts. People would use colons, semicolons, parenthesis and even numbers to create hearts, smiley faces and frowns. Then programs and graphic designers began to create images that people could use on Facebook, in their texts, and even when emailing friends. The popularity of GIFS and memes have led to rise of many different emoticons from smiling monkeys to a couple dancing. Some emoji are even animated to become more expressive in online communication.

Visual images help to convey emotion, engage the target market and can help companies reach younger buyers including millennial and Gen Z prospects. Emoji marketing could be the next step in social media marketing campaigns, if you’re targeting younger buyers. A few tips when using emoticons:

  • There is no standardization of emoji across platforms
  • Don’t want to overuse emoticons
  • Be careful when creating your own emoji – it might be interpreted in the wrong way!

If you are an early adopter and  start using emoticons in your insurance web marketing campaigns – let us know. We’d love to feature a blog about your campaigns! That said, we don’t expect to be using emoticons in any of our StartUpSelling B2B insurance marketing campaigns :-).

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