My Dog Prefers Digital Marketing – You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

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May 9th, 2016


Insurance Agency Marketing, Insurance Web MarketingMeet Belle, my really cute but amazingly stubborn Jack Russell Terrier. Belle has great marketing instincts, she makes people stop dead in their tracks, bend over and pet her. Little children adore her, and young women are constantly exclaiming how cute she is during our walks (at least I think they are talking about her – as they are not looking at me). One day, during our walk,  she came upon some mail boxes, and quickly spotted that these yellow page type phone books had been dropped off in plastic bags. Belle looked at these phone books and obviously understood how out of date this type of marketing is – surprised that anyone would drop off all these plastic bags. She realized that it was her duty to comment on this out of touch marketing by marking her territory, which happened to be right under the mail boxes pictured.

Even though Belle is a Jack Russel Terrier (technically a Parson Russell Terrier), she now understands digital marketing, as she’s seen many email and social media campaigns on my monitor. So it must be true,  you can teach an old dog (well she’s really only three) new tricks, but it looks like it is taking a lot longer for this print ad industry.

If your agency is still marketing the old fashioned way, snail mail mailings, Yellow Page ads, or simply using a website that’s 5 years or older, please contact the digital insurance marketing experts at StartUpSelling, at (518) 222-6392.

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