Do Your Trucking Producers Need More At-Bats?

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February 23rd, 2022


Baseball players looking to improve their batting average want more at-bats and better pitch selection. The same thing is true for Producers. They need more at-bats with better prospects, who are interested in discussing their coverages.

How can this be accomplished? By leveraging a highly trained senior level appointment setter, StartUpSelling generated 30 phone appointments per month with trucking accounts averaging 19 power units in size.

A well-designed lead handling process helped producers capitalize on the leads, closing over $250,000 in new business commissions and a 468% ROI. It’s a simple formula, more at-bats and better pitch selection equals more business!

How can trucking producers secure more appointments and close more business in 2022? Get more “at-bats” with dozens of exclusive phone appointments, web meetings, or live transfers each month. Check out these recent results:

Small Power Unit Profile – 35.1 New Prospect Appointments/month

Medium Power Unit Profile – 21.9 New Prospect Appointments/month

Large Power Unit Profile – 13.8 New Prospect Appointments/month

These appointments are exclusive to your agency, specific to your target market, and expecting to discuss trucking insurance. Start building your trucking pipeline today, to ensure great results!

Contact us at (518) 222-6392 for a 15 minute trucking lead gen discussion – and learn how and why other agencies are succeeding with this proven lead generation solution.


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