Do you Prefer a Chauffeured Lexus or Cramped Van?

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February 6th, 2017


While speaking with a prospect, I shared this story to illustrate how StartUpSelling’s Premier Marketing Group services would differ from past marketing engagements with the other firms:

St-Lucia-200x75As we passed through the cramped, stifling Caribbean airport terminal, we noticed a small mob gathering in front of a podium marked with the logo of our resort destination. I sighed as I fought off the numerous “porters” who insisted upon helping me with our luggage. We entered the queue, resigned to waiting in line for a spot in one of the small, crowded vans parked in the adjacent lot. Then a small miracle happened, as we quickly learned the value of investing in premier service.

A pleasant looking young woman with a clipboard briskly worked her way through the queue. As she approached us she asked to see our paperwork. After a quick glance, she smiled and explained we did not need to wait with everyone else, our transportation was awaiting just beyond the vans. An equally amiable gentleman promptly approached and took our bags. We followed the duo past the vans to a posh Lexus sedan. Air conditioning billowed from the doors as we settled in to comfortable leather seats and accepted ice cold bottled water.

The concierge explained that resort guests who invested in premier level accommodations were rewarded with immediate and extraordinary service at every opportunity throughout their stay. Our honeymoon had officially begun.

Originally posted on May 1, 2014 by John Scranton

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