Digital Marketing Changes Impacting Insurance SEO & eMarketing

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August 28th, 2012


About two years ago, I wrote a blog entitled, If Someone Hands You a Scalpel, It Doesn’t Make You a Surgeon – You Should Think of Web Marketing in the Same Way. Granted, that’s a long title, albeit a simple sentiment. Digital marketing is increasing in complexity, the latest shift revolving around Google Panda 3.9, Google’s most recent algorithm shift (as of this writing). Some insurance organizations were hard hit by Google 3.9, as they invested time and money pursuing a flawed insurance SEO strategy. Many insurance companies, brokers, agencies and insurance agents focused on link swaps, link building, link farms and duplicate content submission to multiple article directories and blogs, which was not a good use of time or money.

Insurance Marketing Agency
Insurance Marketing Agency

We’ve always believed in on page optimization and original, well placed content. This content should then be responsibly shared across multiple social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and a highly ranked eZine. Needless to say, the content should originate in a high quality integrated blog. The same concept holds true for eMarketing. Insurance Agency eMarketing must be handled in an exacting manner, with careful emphasis on educational material, opt in list building and CAN-SPAM regulations.

Insurance organizations have some clear choices when it comes to insurance digital marketing. They can staff up internally with knowledgeable resources, or they can outsource to a proficient insurance marketing agency. The only bad choice, is doing neither.

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