Creating An Effective Insurance Agency Lead Handling Process

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September 8th, 2016


Insurance Agency LeadsA new lead arrives at your insurance agency from one of your web based campaigns. It could be the result of a social media post, an email campaign or perhaps a published LinkedIn article. What happens with this lead at your insurance agency? What is your lead handling process?

Have you spent much time thinking about the process, establishing a plan, a workflow and tracking system? Is the lead distributed to producers by territory? Does your lead handling process vary by type of lead, product or prospect? For example, are commercial leads separated by large and small business, by industry or product? Are benefit leads parsed by groups over and under 50? And does your agency have a tracking system in place to determine how many leads showed for the appointment, moved into the pipeline, received quotes and ultimately convert into new business?

Agencies and producers can and should create a well-defined lead handling process to disseminate, track and measure incoming leads.

  • Type of lead: Inbound Web Marketing Lead, Telemarketing Lead, Referral, etc.
  • Lead Scoring: Create a simple system to determine lead quality (see the Prospect Scorecard if this doesn’t yet exist at your agency).
  • Lead Distribution: How, why and to whom are leads distributed?
  • Lead Follow-up: Preferred method of follow-up for lead type by producers.
  • Lead Tracking: Does your agency already have a platform for this, or an internal system? If not, implement a simple tracking system to determine what happens with every lead.
  • Lead Reporting: How will your agency share the results with the executive team and producers?
  • Lead KPIs: Key Performance Indicators can be very helpful in measuring lead gen campaigns and determining next steps for your lead generation and marketing initiatives. These should be reviewed monthly for most agencies. Example include: Leads Per Month, Meetings From Leads, Quotes Per Lead, Closes Per Lead, Appointment Show Rate Per Lead.

In addition to lead handling, agencies should review their collateral fulfillment. Collateral should vary by lead type, and can include branded eCollateral, blog posts, article links, video, live and on demand webinars, etc. For more information on Insurance Agency Leads, lead handling and insurance web marketing, visit

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