Create a Unique Value Proposition for Your Insurance Website

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October 5th, 2015


Insurance Website Content MarketingA current, mobile compliant and well-designed insurance agency website can help agents and brokers attract prospects and generate leads. Most prospects will visit your homepage first when they are investigating your agency and you have only seconds to gain their attention or they will leave your site.  When that happens, it’s referred to as a “bounce”. Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) can quickly showcase how your agency is different from your competitors, improving website stickiness and effectiveness for prospects visiting your site.

Propositions Often Aren’t Unique

One of the main problems with insurance marketing websites is that the value propositions listed aren’t unique. Using a generality such as “we offer superior service”, or “we can save you money”, is something most agencies and brokers say.

Propositions Often Aren’t Valuable

Another issue with the majority of insurance marketing websites is that their value proposition doesn’t offer value. Businesses and consumers want to know what’s in it for them. You have to create a proposition that shows them unique benefits that only your agency can provide.

Propositions Often Too Long

Unique Value Propositions need to be short and to the point. Marketers often call the UVP the elevator pitch. You need to be able to explain your unique value in the time it takes to reach the next floor in an elevator, or in about 30 seconds. For your website, you need to be able to explain what you do and how it offers value in a few short sentences. Bullets often help with this, as they convey information quickly and can often help cut down on unnecessary content. It’s always helpful to have a short, current agency value proposition video.

Create Your UVP

So how would your agency create a unique value proposition that is unique, offers value and is short?

  • Analyze and define your customer profile (and buyer personas)
  • Determine what these customers (and prospects) value
  • Define the value your agency provides in a business relationship
  • Explain how your agency can help businesses grow, change, or improve
  • List the tangible results you can offer your clients
  • Review the unique qualities your agency offers such as evaluation methods, compliance programs, planning tools, gap analysis, transparent bidding processes, etc.
  • Synthesize this message across your website and in a short video

By examining your agency, your staff, your market and your customers, you will be able to define the value you bring to the table. Brainstorm ideas until you find the three clear differentiators that ring true for your agency. If you need help defining your value proposition or creating a great website, contact the digital marketing experts at StartUpSelling, at (518) 222-6392.

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