Cold Calling Karma

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June 16th, 2011


The more time I spend in sales, the more I believe in the concept of “cold calling karma.”  I’m not sure if I borrowed the phrase from somewhere or if I coined it myself.  It is very simple: make your cold calls, and good things will happen.

I am fortunate to work in a boutique organization where I maintain flexibility and agility in my sales and marketing efforts.  Although I fulfill the role of sales and marketing chief executive, our business model allows me to continue to keep a hand in the basic building blocks of executive to executive cold calls and emails.  With any luck, I spend an hour per day cold calling in-profile target prospects.  And whenever I do, something positive happens.

For example, yesterday I spent a solid hour attacking the phones.  I left many voice mails, received a couple of “we handle that internally” or “follow up next year” type responses, and one halfhearted request for more information.  This was a very poor result.  I almost always secure a product demo or appointment when I make a full hour of of dedicated cold calls – and when I fail this is a significant loss to my valuable time.

But then something interesting happened – I connected with a prospect and he provided a commitment to sign.  I made the cold calls (to no avail), then closed a deal.  Cold calling karma?  I do not know for sure.  But I am confident that if I set aside time to make my calls today, regardless of the direct results, something positive will happen.


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